Last update 13.05.2021
Prices in BGN incl VAT
Digital video cameras – high class – 3CCD , HD 180.00
Digital video cameras – DVD, Hard disk, analogues 108.00
Lenses 240.00
Cameras high class and lenses 120.00
Standard cameras 72.00
LCD TVs up to 24’ and 24’ 60.00
LCD TVs up to 32’ and 32’ 84.00
LCD TVs up to 43’ and 43’ 120.00
LCD TVs up to 50’ and 50’ 150.00
LCD TVs up to 60’ and 60’ 180.00
LCD TVs up to 65’ and 65’ 240.00
LCD TVs up to 75’ and 75’ 360.00
LCD TVs beyond 75’ 480.00
DVD standard 48.00
DVD – Blu Ray, Home cinema, Recorder 84.00
Mini systems with digital processing of the signal 72.00
Mini systems, automobile CD, cassette players high class 60.00
Radio cassette players + CD 42.00
Receivers and amplifier devices, Mini disk, DAT 96.00
CD Changer, Sub buffer 72.00
PlayStation 4 repair 96.00
PlayStation 4 diagnostics and identification of defects 36.00
Blenders, deep fryers, mixers, shakers 36.00
Vacuum cleaners and kitchen robots low class 36.00
Vacuum cleaners and kitchen robots high class 60.00
Microwaves 54.00
Coffee machines low class 54.00
Coffee machines high class 84.00
Electric water kettle 18.00
Multicookers 54.00
Bakeries 54.00
Grills, toasters 24.00
Clippers and body trimmers 48.00
Iron low class 36.00
Iron high class 60.00
Diagnostics and identification of defects – audio and video 24.00
Diagnostics video cameras and cameras high class 48.00
Diagnostics video cameras and cameras standard 24.00
Diagnostics and identification of defects – remote controls 6.00
Diagnostics of TVs up to 32’ and including 32’ 24.00
Diagnostics of TVs up to 43’ and including 43’ 36.00
Diagnostics of TVs up to 50’ and including 50’ 48.00
Diagnostics of TVs up to 60’ and including 60’ 54.00
Diagnostics of TVs beyond 60’ 72.00
Price offer for damaged displays and AEP TVs 12.00
Diagnostics of steam generators 24.00
Steam generators – repair 72.00
Diagnostics of coffee machines low class 24.00
Diagnostics of coffee machines high class 36.00
Diagnostics of blenders, deep fryers, mixers, electric kettles, coffee makers 9.00
Diagnostics of microwaves 18.00
Diagnostics of clippers and body trimmers 24.00
Diagnostics of irons low class 9.00
Diagnostics of irons high class 18.00
Diagnostics of shakers 18.00
Diagnostics of grills and toasters 18.00
Diagnostics of bakeries 18.00
Diagnostics of vacuum cleaners and kitchen robots 18.00
Transportation of electronic devices within the territory of Sofia city 30.00
Labour costs for carrying large electronic devices 36.00
Stowage costs for electronic devices that have not been picked up by the customer within 30 calendar days after the completion of the repair 1,20 BGN per day


Please note that the price for transportation and carrying includes both ways /four directions/. 

For express services (repair within 24 hours) and recovery of boards and modules, consumers will need to pay an additional 50% added to the labour costs. The Service provides a two-month guarantee of the repaired device. For devices that have not been picked up within the period of three months, LAS Service does not take responsibility. 

Each section of this price list can be negotiated individually. 

The customer retains the right to require a written offer of the repair or other services that s/he wishes to obtain. The written offer is paid separately after an initial agreement with the customer and it is not included in the price for diagnostics. 

Any complaints in regards to our services should be made according to the “Law for the protection of customers”. 


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