Dear Customers,

LAS Service is offering the following services:

1) Repair of warranty and out-of-warranty electronics.

2) Sale of spare electronic parts.

3) The ordering of parts and accessories requires that the customer prepays the order. The cumulative price does not include transportation costs.

4) Sale of accessories – remote controls, batteries, etc. For more information, please visit our Catalogue page.

5) We offer payment with a credit card.

6) Two-way transportation of the device from the home location of the client to our service location. We offer the possibility of performing technical adjustment of the device at the home location of the customer. Please note: For devices under warranty, the service is valid only for the following sizes of the device: Sony – more than 49 inches, Panasonic – more than 40 inches. For insured devices under extended warranty – more than 40 inches.

The above service is only offered when a protocol for a home visit has been signed by the customer before the visit. The protocol includes the price which needs to be paid by the customer in advance. The protocol /in two copies/ should be signed on the spot.

7) We are offering the option of sending your video camera, camera, PlayStation console, audio system or TV via courier services. Our courier will pick up the device from your preferred location and bring it to our service for repair. The repaired device will be sent back to you at a convenient time. This service is offered under specific shipping conditions. Please contact us via email or telephone number if you would like to receive more information about our courier services.

Important information for our courier services:

The device must be sent to us in its original package. Please include in the package a detailed description of the problem.

The device must be sent to us without any accessories or batteries; exceptions only in cases where the issue is related to these.

Devices under warranty must be sent to us with a warranty card, invoice and/or receipt.

Due to the lack of direct contact with our customers, we are not responsible for the condition of your electronic device in cases of fracture, scratch, poor appearance or other hidden defects.

We offer you the possibility of insuring your package against transportation damages. The costs of the insurance are fully covered by the customer.

If you agree with the above-mentioned conditions, please confirm your repair request on our website and we will send a courier to the address you write down in the request form and at a time that is convenient for you.

In case you are not satisfied with our conditions, please bring your device to the nearest service noted on your warranty card. An inspection of the device will be conducted in your presence.

We fully cover transportation costs from your home to our service and the other way when the device is under warranty.

For out-of-warranty devices, the transportation costs must be covered by the customer. All out-of-warranty devices should be sent to us with cash on delivery (COD) included; the amount of which is 24 Bulgarian Lev. This amount is paid for the technical inspection of the device, which includes the disassembling of the parts, localization of the defective part(s) and preparation of the repair price.

Only devices with a prepaid technical inspection will be diagnosticated.

Please, bear in mind that this offer is economical and does not include insurance!

Our service is using the delivery services of MBM courier company.

8) Cameras for diagnostic and repair must be brought to our service with a battery or a charging device.

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